Available Animals

List of currently available Reptiles. Please contact us for further information and requests for animals not on the list. Price and availability subject to change at any time. updated April 29, 2022



The Reptile Shop carries a wide variety of reptiles, including snakes, geckos, lizards, amphibians, and arachnids. Find some listed below.
We specialize in rare and unusual species. Codyjoe has been working with reptiles for almost 20 years, breeding, keeping, and selling.
The Reptile Shop owners breed boas, rare pythons, monitor lizards, uromastyx, and more in shop to supply Canada with captive-bred animals to help take the stress off the wild.

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New Arrivals

Tokay Geckos

$125 +TAX

Helmeted Iguana


Pacman Frogs!

Starting at $80 +TAX

Price and availability subject to change.



Availability varies. Please contact.


Big Eye Tree Frog

cool and unique, not a frog you see at  every pet store



Availability varies. Please contact


Curly Hair Tarantula




Availability may vary. Please contact


Columbian Boa

Normal $120+tax 
Hypo $150+tax
Sunglow Motley Jungle poss. RLT $1000+tax