A Bit About Us

The Reptile Shop began with a passion for reptile breeding. We are breeders before "pet shop owners." Codyjoe has dedicated his entire life to reptiles, their care, breeding, and even building the perfect enclosures. The shop opened in Dec 2019, by us (Tori and Codyjoe) in a desperate spot! Told we couldn't keep animals in the home we were in, we knew it was the time to jump the gun and open a shop.

Our number one priority is reptile care. We are passionate about educating and explaining proper care for all reptiles.
Our focus is to breed rare and endangered species, so future generations can enjoy these unique animals and we don't lose them completely.


Tour of a selection of our pets

Here's a video of part of our collection before we moved to Red Deer (the reason we had to open shop). We since have added more animals and opened The Reptile Shop.
We are always improving, growing and looking for the perfect ways to breed these rare species so we can enjoy them for years to come. 

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Stay tuned...