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What’s at The Reptile Shop

At The Reptile Shop, we go out of our way to offer an outstanding and affordable selection of reptiles, reptile goods, and education. We specialize in and breed rare and endangered reptiles. We carry a variety of snakes, lizards, geckos, arachnids, and amphibians. We believe that curating the right collection takes expertise and dedication.
You'll find all the reptiles, food, cages, and accessories you'll need, or we will find it for you. Check out our latest arrivals and get in touch if you need more information.



The Reptile Shop owners Codyjoe and Tori breed boas, rare pythons, monitor lizards and uromastyx in shop to supply Canada with captive bred animals to help take stress off the wild.
The Reptile Shop also carries a wide variety of other reptiles, including snakes, geckos, lizards, amphibians and arachnids.
We specialize in mostly rare and unusual species, but have it all!
Codyjoe has been working with reptiles since he was 9, keeping, breeding and selling.



We strive to provide Red Deer with the highest quality feeder bugs and rodents!
At prices you can't beat The Reptile Shop takes extra care of their feeders feeding them fresh veggies and providing proper housing!
The Reptile Shop carries, superworms, mealworms, wax worms, butter worms, hornworms, silkworms, crickets and nightcrawlers. Also available are frozen feeder mice, rats, ASF and more.
We sell live feeder mice and ASF for those snakes that just won't take frozen. 
Dubia roaches! Vacuum packed and ready for consumption(Not live)!
We can also special order most of the insects canned or vacuum packed! Juicy but not living!



*due to covid shipments have been delayed, and orders not fulfilled*
Looking for substrate for your reptile? The Reptile Shop should have it! We carry cypress mulch, aspen, soil, sand and moss.
We also sell leaf litter and drainage to get our bio-active set up going!

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5307 50 Ave, Red Deer, AB T4N 4B6, Canada
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(403) 986-3192

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"Huge selection of exotic reptiles as well as all the more common species that everyone loves. They also carry everything you need to set these animals up and give them the best care possible. Cody and Tori are both super helpful and incredibly knowledgable. this isn't just a business for them, they are extremely passionate about all animals."

Connor W

"The owners of this store are incredibly passionate with their love and care of their reptiles! Not only are they way better then your big name pet store, but they will take their time to answer your questions and concerns to make sure both you and your scaled family member have/know everything they need! Amazing people to trust and deal with when it comes to your reptile family members needs!"

Megan M

"For a long time now Red Deer has been in dire need of a reptile store that was run by educated and kind people, well now we have it. Cody and Tori not only meet this but they surpass it. You only have to walk in the doors to feel welcomed, but when you start looking around you can see that their passion runs thick for reptiles and amphibians. They not only sell exotic reptiles but they can build some pretty awesome backgrounds for you existing terrariums as well. I am very excited to see this business grow. #supportlocalbussiness"

Larry F

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